Finding your ideal hair and beauty salon in Malta might be a hassle, like any other professional service. One might have different requirements for what to look for when choosing which salon to go to. In this article I will highlight the main reasons why should one chose Beauty Haven as their natural choice for any beauty treatment or service.

Hair Services

We all believe that healthy, shiny hair is what is most beautiful. What I personally love most in my hairdresser, whom I’ll soon introduce you to, is that he listens to what people want. Likewise, I also always listen to his advice on hair, and so should anyone, as end of day, he is the expert.

How can one rate a hairdresser’s capabilities?

There are some factors one how to determine the capabilities of a hairdresser, and I do wish to go over them with you, in order to help you find that right hairdresser and salon that you really need.

  1. Colouring
    1. Full Hair Colour. One might think that hair colouring might be an easy task that one can do. Yet, there are a lot of complexities that one might not factor in. The base (current) colour will play an important role for one to achieve the desired colour. This is a basic painting fact, applicable when painting any object. This fact will determine which colour can one go for, given their current hair colour. Changing one’s colour and managing to match the desired colour is a great skill a good hairdresser must have.
    2. Applying Balayage might be even more tricky than a full colour. The chosen colours need to blend well together, in order to achieve a nice look, and managing to truly match all the desired colours, shows how skilful the hairdresser is.
    3. Lights and Toner. For such services, the hairdresser will take into consideration the type of hair you have. The thickness and volume of your hair will determine how much foils should one do, in order to achieve the desired look.
  2. Hair Cuts
    1. Whether you need a trim or give your hair a new look with a cut, a haircut needs to blend well with your facial looks.
    2. Your hair really defines you, so having the right cut will help to boost your self confidence. Some complain that they can’t get that specific cut on that magazine, yet I always remind you to accept and make the most of what you have. Go with your natural hair texture and not against it, and you will get fabulous results. A great hairdresser will guide you on all this, and will most importantly cut your hair evenly.
  3. Long lasting blow dry
    1. This very much depends on the climate and the type of hair, yet, keeping these things constant, a highly skilled hairdresser will give you a blow dry that lasts longer. The feeling of you hair will also feel amazing, and this is one of the reasons why most women do a blow dry every week.
  4. Hair Treatments
    1. Like any other treatment, one must be trained and qualified in order to be able to give a hair treatment. The success of whether the results are obtained or not, depend very much on the skills and competence of the hairdresser.
    2. For instance, applying a Keratin treatment can be either a great experience which you will repeat every four months (approximately) or one you will regret for a long time, as your hair would have been damaged with such treatment not being applied by a well trained and competent hairdresser.
  5. Extensions
    1. Applying hair extensions without damaging your natural hair is something only a master hair stylist can naturally achieve.
  6. Products
    1. There are many products one can chose from nowadays, yet only few and simply the best to make use of. I have lately found the brand Label.M to help me keep that shiny and volume look, whilst also Paraben and Sodium Chloride free.

Beauty and Skin Care

Specialising in eyelash shaping, massages, intensive facials and waxing, Beauty Haven is a haven for anyone who needs to wind down and let go. Our mantra is to treat spirit, soul, mind and body as one entity, putting your well-being as their number one priority.

Peeling, acne treatments, pigmentation and more are few of the treatments we offer.

Our amazing salon offers a vast variety of treatments along with more conventional services such as manicures, pedicures and therapeutic massages. Amongst the top brands we make use of, one can find RepĂȘchage and SPARITUAL

Nails and Makeup Services

The whole concept of Beauty Haven is for clients to come and get done in one place. Whether you have an occasion and you want to get all made up or you are up-keeping yourself, Beauty Haven makes it stress free for you, by getting all the beauty services in one place with back to back appointments.

The colours used and the style applied, is just made for you to compliment your looks, dress, age and style, complimenting your holistic look.

We Welcome You

Located 5 minutes away from the Mosta dome, we welcome you to visit my salon for a free consultation. Should you wish to make a booking, you can feel free to call me or leave us a message on Messenger with the preferred date and time of the desired service(s).



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