Whether it is your wedding day or you have a special night out, finding a good professional makeup artist can make any woman feel extra special. There are no shortage of excellent professional makeup artists in Malta. The key is finding the right one for you.

Why have a professional artist apply your makeup? Well, let’s take the example of a wedding. If you are the bride or in the bridal party, it is a long day and your face needs to look perfect for the whole time! You don’t want your lipstick fading before the ceremony or your foundation sliding down your face before the reception! A professional makeup artist will know how to make sure you look your best, especially for the all-important photos.

So how do you choose the right makeup artist? Well, you need to do your research. You may have already had a recommendation or come across an artist on social media whose work you like the look of. Many professional artists have websites, that will showcase their portfolios and testimonials from previous customers. Spend some time looking through a number of artists, speak to your friends and families and get recommendations from them. They will be honest!

When you have a short list of people you like the look of, inquire about availability! It is amazing how far in advance makeup artists get booked up, especially during the traditional wedding season (May-June-July). You will also get a good idea of their level of communication and customer service.

Ask questions! Don’t be scared to ask which products they use, and if you aren’t familiar with the products, ask them about the brands they use and why they use them. A professional will have no problem answering your questions and should be happy to talk to you about it.

Book a trial session! Choose a date well in advance of your big day, so that you feel happy about how you will look. You don’t choose your dress the week before the wedding, so why your makeup! Have an idea and pictures of how you want to look, and also how you plan to have your hair done. This will all help your makeup artist to come up with the right look for you. If you aren’t happy with the first look, make sure you say so! They will not be offended, and it is normal to make changes.

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There are too many excellent makeup artists in Malta to list! I am a highly professional and trained makeup artist, winner of the Excellence Award 2017/18 by Biocare. As a professional makeup artist I cater for a wide range of clients include the media, bridal, fashion and the advertising industry.

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