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How can I prepare for my makeup session?

Regarding makeup, as most of my clients are Maltese and living in warm temperatures, I highly recommend drinking a lot of water and moisturising well before your appointment.
I use a high quality skin treatment before your makeup application to remove dead skin from the surface of the skin.
It is an added bonus if you are able to get a facial a few days before your makeup service.

What makeup brands are used?

For makeup I use a wide range of products from many different high quality brands.
Only high quality and high performing products are in my kit to ensure your makeup is flawless on camera.
All products are tested for performance prior to making it into my collection.
It’s also worth mentioning that all brushes are cleansed using alcohol before and after each session.

Are wedding trials required?

I strongly recommend a trial !
Why? I feel makeup is personal, and must be tailored to each client’s specific style and facial features.
A trial is the best time for us to get to know each other and to set a timeline for your wedding day.
It also allows me to fully grasp your needs and to introduce you to my artistry style.
Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life and a picture says a thousand words!
You deserve every effort in making sure you are 100% content so there is no guess work on your wedding day.

Do you travel for destination weddings and events?

Yes, I do !
It is my upmost pleasure to join you anywhere in the world !
My travel fee is based on location and distance.

How soon in advance should I book my makeup and hairstyling services?

I start booking a year and a half in advance, so the sooner the better !
Once your contract is signed and deposit is payed your booking is set.

How long does makeup take?

On the day of the event, the Bride is scheduled for a full hour, for makeup service and the bridal teams are scheduled for 45 minutes to an hour each, depending on what look they have chosen.

Do you bring an assistant for larger parties?

Yes. I am happy to bring an assistant to accommodate large parties and to decrease the amount of time spent on services.
Assistant rates depend on the amount of services and available time.

Will my makeup last all night?

Absolutely ! My professional makeup application will last the full duration of your event.
I use traditional foundation depending on preference and skin texture. Not only are the eyes and skin prepared with the proper skin care and priming products, but your makeup will be set and finished with professional powders and sprays that seal the makeup in place.
All the products selected to prepare and seal the makeup are chosen for their longevity and high performance in combating tears, sweat and weather conditions.

Do you have experience with different ethnicities as well as mature skin?

Yes, I do.
I specialise in custom-blended makeup to match any skin tone no matter how dark or light.
I have a full range of professional skin care products that I use to prepare delicate, mature, sensitive or acne-prone skin before makeup application to achieve the very best results.


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