bridal makeup look with lashes

Most brides will rely on a makeup artist to do their makeup on their wedding day. But with so many makeup artistis out there, how will you choose the perfect one to suit your taste? Your wedding is a massive milestone so it’s essential that you choose the right person for every service being given.

Professional makeup artists have a keen eye for colour and design while bringing techniques to highlight your features and create a flawless look in both photos and person. The skill level of the makeup artist will guarantee that your makeup will not only look amazing but also lasts through the day and night.

However just as you are unique, every professional makeup artist will have their own techniques and creativity so here are a few tips to make this challenging selection easier.

Do your Research

When it comes to choosing your wedding makeup artist, find a style you love, as every makeup artist has her own signature. So make sure that their style meets your expectations.

Ensure that the makeup artist understands the time sensitivity of a wedding day, making sure you can count on her on the big day.

Request photos of previous bridal parties they have serviced so you can assess the quality of the work they have completed. If you have any allergies or product preference ensure they are willing to accommodate
your specific needs.

Do a Trial

Makeup trials are the perfect opportunity to meet the makeup artist and share your thoughts, ideas and concerns. In this regard, it is vital that the makeup artist is a good listener and gives attention to any likes or dislikes you might have, making you feel like yourself when looking at the mirror. True professionals will not only make you look flawless, but they must ensure that you comfortable and happy with the makeup they applied.

During the trial, take photos of the makeup looks you like and share the mood board and all your preferences so that the makeup artist can get a sense of what you want. Ask your photographer or perhaps a friend of yours who has a very good camera, to take pictures of your look. This way, not only will you see how well the makeup lasts in real life, you’d have it on print as reference. This can be especially helpful so that your makeup artist can decide on the type of foundation to use during the big day. Take note, though, that trials usually come at a fee.

Do your homework: Calm is Key

It is very important to go for someone that makes you feel calm, or is able to calm you down if you are a bit tensed on the day. The makeup artist will spend a number of hours with you on your wedding day, so besides making you look and feel amazing, they must also keep you calm and make you feel at ease throughout the time of preparation.

Find someone who gets you and makes you feel at ease. All of the work leading up to the big day will have been
stressful enough. The last thing you want is someone you can’t stand inches away from your face for 30-60 minutes while your blood pressure rises. Your makeup artist is there to service you and your closest friends and family that are apart of your bridal party; find someone you feel like meshes well with everyone and will make the day that much more special.

Good Quality Products

Make sure that the makeup artist uses good quality products, has had proper training using these products and understands the ingredients and importance of using high quality products instead of cutting corners and using inexpensive makeup.

Prepare your Skin

Last but not least, no matter how professional the makeup artist is, you have to do your part and prepare your skin by cleansing your skin, exfoliate gently, then applying toner and moisturiser on a daily basis. Avoid trying new products procedures few weeks before the wedding to avoid having any adverse reactions.

As a conclusion, take the time and follow these points to ensure you are investing wisely and have the best possible experience and results.



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