the power of eyelashes

Good self-esteem is crucial to having a happy, healthy life. People who have confidence in themselves and their abilities are more likely to pursue new opportunities and surround themselves with supportive and successful friends. Although no single factor is totally responsible for self-esteem, taking pride in your personal appearance is a good first step. When you look good, you’ll feel better about yourself.

Eyelashes have managed to become one of the few types of female body hair to make it into the “Good, emphasize” category and not the “Bad, eliminate” one – and for centuries, we’ve been imagining the presence of long, dark eyelashes to signify feminine beauty of the highest order.

Why? More recent research points toward the notion that long eyelashes are valuable for the illusion they create of wide, gazing eyes. Natural eye lashes are used for all eye shapes, for lifting the eyes and opening the eye more. Additionally, and much more simply, fluttering eyelashes create more visible movement around the eye with each blink and glance – which helps hold the attention of the beholder.

The earliest documented efforts to emphasize the eyelashes date back to as early as 4,000 B.C.; if you’ve ever watched any movie or TV show set in ancient Egypt, you’ll know all too well that in certain regions, eye makeup was worn on the lids, brows, and lashes of wealthy and royal men, women, and children. What eyelashes do is like what lipstick does, and eyelashes may actually even do it more: They draw a contrast between the eye itself and the eyelid, like lipstick draws attention to the contrast between the lips and the surrounding area.

Time and again, studies show that people with high self-esteem are more confident, resilient and ambitious. Confidence in your appearance translates to strength in many other parts of your life. So the next time you ask yourself whether lash extensions are really right for you, remember the power that lies in your choice to look your best.



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