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Bridal Makeup Features

Detail is remarkably important today, tomorrow and beyond. The bride’s makeup features a beautiful classical look which ensures timeless fashion. The feature around the eyes creates a shade that suits one of the bride’s prominent facial features. Fresh colours, ideal for summer weddings, provide for a radiant look and contrast. Nevertheless it is always very important to opt for a scheme that suits one’s personality.

Another very important aspect is to ensure that makeup is long lasting as it needs to withstand long hours of action and changing temperatures particularly during the hot summer months of Malta. A long lasting makeup saves it from running and becoming shiny. This ensures having out-standing photographs and video shots for endless memories.

The Importance of a Makeup Trial

I always recommend to make a trial approximately 3 months before the wedding day, which can be a combined trial of the hair style and makeup, for the bride to be sure she feels confident and comfortable on the day. Avoiding unknowns before the day helps in minimising the stress on the day, and also helps in making the preparation for the big day more fun. The wedding day will fly by at a blink of an eye, so make sure to have fun in all the years and months of preparation. Trials are also highly recommendable if the bride wants to try something she never did before, such as false eye lashes. I will make sure that on the day you will feel yourself, being very confident and comfortable with your look, a look your better half will dare to remember for a lifetime.



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