Why did women start wearing make-up?

Today a great percentage of women apply make-up on a daily basis as women want to look and feel good. The subtle touches of pigment and shade can make a huge difference as they can hide flaws in the skin and enhance the natural beauty of certain facial features.

Call it vanity if you wish, but spending time in front of a mirror is a daily ritual of millions of women, whether they are preparing for an average day at work, a big event or a date with that special someone. It all goes back to the ancient Egyptians, who were the first women to wear make-up. Archeological evidence show that Egyptian ladies were dolling themselves up as early as 4000B.C. This was mainly to please the gods, as women felt that their appearance was directly related to their spiritual worth.

Back then make-up was mainly made from substances such as lead to achieve desired results, despite knowledge of lead poisoning. Since then make-up has evolved and come a long way, but before getting to where we are today make-up has gone through many different eras where every era was popular for it’s particular style.





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