bridal makeup by Shirley Cassar Bunce

Every bride and groom do their best to have a perfect wedding. Malta offers fantastic wedding venues for all types of weddings and is an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination given its sunny weather all year round and the vast history one can explore whilst visiting.

Malta wedding venues categories range from:

  • Gardens & Vineyards
  • Historic Places
  • Sea View & Hotels
  • Villas & Halls


Amongst the many wedding venues available in Malta, one can find:

  • Alfa Gardens
  • Castello Zammitello
  • Cottage Gardens
  • Ir-Razzett Farmhouse
  • Ir-Razzett L-Abjad
  • Olive Gardens
  • Palazzo Nobile
  • Palazzo Pariso
  • Castello Dei Baroni
  • Palazzo Promontorio
  • Villa Arrigo
  • Villa Bologna
  • Villa Mdina
  • Pheonicia Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Westin Dragonara
  • Le Meredien St. Julians Hotel & Spa
  • Villa Bighi


Preparing for your wedding day entails a lot of planning as everything must look good. Guests must be amazed at the setup, wedding pictures must stand out, the video must be taken in high definition format, leaving only great memories for everyone to remember.

Amongst many important factors of a wedding, the bride gives a great deal of importance to her appearance by choosing a dress that makes her stand out and makes her feel the most beautiful on her special day. Further to this, the bride’s hair and make-up go hand-in-hand as this will compliment the whole look, making the bride feel and look her best on her big day.

Whatever look the bride opts for, she must look great in photos but also in person using long lasting top quality products to ensure that the makeup will last all day long even in our hot summer months.

When it comes to makeup, my advice would be to go for a look which you are comfortable in, being either a soft look or even a more glamorous one. You want your makeup to enhance your natural beauty, so do not settle for anything less as this will reflect in your mood, your smile, and your body language. In this regard, I would always suggest a makeup trial before your wedding day and discuss with your make-up artist the look you would like to achieve. This will make you feel more confident on the day, with a bit fewer butterflies in the stomach and fewer worries the night before.




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