Wedding Preparations

Weddings take a lot, and I do mean a lot of time and energy to plan and organise. In reality, in itself it is a good test of durability for the couple. The stress and pressure that a wedding creates whilst planning it, tests the relationship of the couple quite well. Couples end up using all of their lunch breaks and free time to do wedding-related tasks and errands. Here is when a wedding organiser might be helpful. Yet, planning a wedding is a a great experience in itself. Such events brings all the family members together, all speaking and thinking about this great upcoming family event. Attention to detail is the secret of all for a wedding to stand out and be one the guests will keep remembering and talking about.


Meeting the Couples


Lately, I participated in The Phoenicia Weddings Open Day, where I was explaining to couples what is required for the bridal team makeup. Meeting the couple in person whilst understanding their needs and discussing options is always the most effective way of communication. The overall setup for the open day was amazingly nice, giving the couples a teaser of what they can expect when they book their wedding. This venue has breathtaking views, beautiful surroundings, exquisite décor, expert services, just to mention a few. These are hallmarks of a wedding at The Phoenicia Malta. From intimate garden occasions and stunning sea views to a lavish ballroom event, The Phoenicia Malta is the perfect backdrop to your wedding.


Capture Memories

Most couples wish to capture memories at their wedding. Nowadays, there are some special and unique ways to do so. After all, your wedding day will pass very quickly and you want to cherish those sweet memories forever. Couples can use creative ways to snap memories at their wedding. Considering that the traditional photographer and videographer will be mostly with the couple, guests can take random photos with the latest innovative ideas.

During this Weddings Open Day, couples could see all types of services a couple might need for their wedding, offered by professional vendors. There I met Keith Pace Asciak, from Snap Photo Booth Malta, who was diligently explaining to couples about the idea of having a Wedding Photo Booth. Isn’t that an amazing idea! Letting your family, friends and other guests take improvised photos, with no one asking them how to pose. Surely a keep sake for your guests as a memory of your wedding!



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